What’s Your Holy Point Of View?

This is a fresh new and exciting Christian play that is presented like a game show.  Taken from a bible study lesson regarding the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essences and Zealots. While each contestant takes a stand for what they believe, we learn that in God’s kingdom it is not a question of rituals, philosophy, location or even military might. ... More

The Perfect Gift

"The Perfect Gift" is a uniquely structured Dinner Theater Production that makes for a great fund raiser! You can also use this production as a skit or play because there is a small play with in the play where a modern day reenactment of Mary and Joseph is portrayed.. Synopsis 3 PK's (preacher's kids) talk about the sacrifices they have to make ... More

The Spirit Of Joy

This is a short skit about four demons who are charged with destroying the joy at Double Rock Baptist Church. (You can substitute the name of your church here.) Synopsis The head demon leads a sad squat team. They have not been successful on their mission. The work they have done at Double Rock is very disappointing. The people at Double Rock ... More

Who Took The Body Of Jesus

This is a cool detective type story that is told from the "rock's" point of view. This part should be played by a very talented little one. Stonehenge Grave Tomb "Stony", who plays the rock that was rolled away, recounts the crazy events that took place when Jesus arose from the grave. Synopsis Cleo and Cleophas, are siblings who own a broken ... More

The Last Supper

"The Last Supper" is a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Production that is always a big hit and makes for a great fund raiser! It has all the elements of a true detective story featuring the talented "Mr. Tibs". The play holds the blessing and tells everyone when it's time to eat! Get the audience involved as they try to solve the case while enjoying ... More

Sweeter Than Anything I Know

"Sweeter Than Anything I Know" is a very short musical that was written for the 'little ones' in our church. Ages ranged from 2 - 13. We performed the play during our Sunday Morning Service. It's a hip version of the nativity scene with modern songs and movement. Synopsis Two angels and an apprentice angle take a trip down to earth to make ... More

Feed The Fire

Feed the fire is a one-act dramatization about 3 couples that find themselves lost in the woods during Rita and Greg's 25th wedding anniversary weekend. This play will leave you stunned and amazed… fearful and hopeful You will be moved to tears and laughter as you experience the pain, turmoil, joy and utter happiness that comes with a "much ... More

Speak With Faith

Speak With Faith" is a musical that honors the great Martin Luther King Jr!   It is filled with production numbers that will lift your soul and make you tap your toe.  It's large production with 16 main characters and 8 minor rolls. (Think 'FAME' ) The production package comes with the scripts, production notes and a CD which includes all the ... More