Feed The Fire (Play)

Feed the fire is a one-act dramatization about 3 couples that find themselves lost in the woods during Rita and Greg’s 25th wedding anniversary weekend. This play will leave you stunned and amazed… fearful and hopeful You will be moved to tears and laughter as you experience the pain, turmoil, joy and utter happiness that comes with a “much blessed love”, a love that survives every test… even the test of time

Synopsis:  Robert, Greg’s best man, arrives with his wife Marie and although they have been in a troubled marriage for over 5 years he is determined to hang on to what they have, but how can he once he reveals a scandalous, horrifying secret. To make matters worse, they are all hopelessly lost in the woods. The temperature is dropping fast and there is no shelter in site. All they know is… they have got to start a fire and keep it going until help arrives. Can Greg do the same thing in his marriage? Can he keep the fire going until help (from up above) arrives?