“Speak With Faith” A Moving Experience

In late February, the University of Southern Colorado’s Black Student Organization sponsored “Speak With Faith,” the musical written and directed by Loretta Marie Chandler, a Puebloan who has been on such television programs as Fame and “The Cosby Show.” The musical which starred local talent, told the story of a young man named Robert (played by Juan Moses Gutierrez) who overcame a stuttering problem and proved to his peers that everyone has a special place in society.

“Speak With Faith” has several heart-warming and touching songs such as “I Believe In You” performed by Cloretta D. Chandler and Glenn A. Thornton Jr. Vanessa Yvonne Miles played Claudette, who in her own sassy way told everyone exactly how to “Work that Man.”

The part of the musical that was most moving was the finale “Speak With Faith”. This song not only brought the entire cast together but also the audience to its feet.

The musical was very memorable. Anyone who missed it should keep an eye open in case it is performed again.