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“Speak With Faith” A Moving Experience

In late February, the University of Southern Colorado's Black Student Organization sponsored "Speak With Faith," the musical written and directed by Loretta Marie Chandler, a Puebloan who has been on such television programs as Fame and "The Cosby Show." The musical which starred local talent, told the story of a young man named Robert ... More

Loretta Chandler Singing Her Way To FAME

"Dusty" has one of the best voices on TV these days, and here she tells how singing made her acting dream come true! Right On: So what's it like being on Fame? How do you enjoy being on the show? Loretta: I love it! The series is great! I'm doing everything I ever wanted. I sing, record, dance, work with different directors and actors. ... More

Young Rising Star

Loretta Chandler, former co-star on the popular drama TV show "Fame" has a lot to say about singing and acting. After replacing Janet Jackson in "Fame", she rose to unforgettable stardom. She says her starring role in the remembered TV show gave her the experience she needed to do other things. Right now, Chandler is working on her new ... More

Loretta Chandler “Fame” And Beyond

Loretta Chandler who played the bubbly yet shy "Dusty Tyler" in television's "Fame" is once again singing and dancing up a storm in Maurice Hines's "Harlem Suite" starring Stephanie Mills. Loretta started singing in her hometown of Pueblo, CO with her family's gospel group. The group, known as "The Chandler Family" was headed by her ... More

Loretta Chandler’s Star Shines Brightly In Hollywood Sky

When Loretta Chandler first heard those words she was a pompon girl at Central High School, a talented gospel singer who craved opera and a minister’s daughter with big dreams. Today, Miss Chandler has made the words and dreams come true. She has found fame as an actress on -- appropriately enough – the television series “Fame”. ... More