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LMC Production

Loretta has chosen to give back to the industry that had given her so much, by passing along her many years of experience and training to those who have a serious desire to be the best in their field.  Loretta's company, LMC Production is one of the most innovative ‘entertainment training platforms in the world today.  Join the class to ... More

Streaming Best

At Streaming Best, you’ll find the best quality stream at the best price, because we have the most cost effective, user friendly solution available today! With Streaming Best you can broadcast your own talk show; stream your wedding or corporate event; stream church services, plays and funeral services. Broadcast your school graduation, ... More

CC Ministries

Elder Cloretta Chandler has a passion for teaching and ministering God’s word.  Through her ministry and spiritual teaching Elder Chandler has inspired hundreds to develop a closer walk with the Lord and live a life pleasing unto God. Elder Chandler’s purpose is to provide guidance as a pastor, spiritual nurishment as a teacher ... More

ShowItt Entertainment

ShowItt Entertainment is a global provider and marketer of entertainment products with profitable growth through innovation, product development, unceasing improvement, investment and brand building. The mission of ShowItt Entertainment is to provide outstanding professional services and commanding production to our clients, partners, and ... More