The Last Supper (Murder Dinner Theater)

“The Last Supper” is a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Production that is always a big hit and makes for a great fund raiser! It has all the elements of a true detective story featuring the talented “Mr. Tibs”. The play holds the blessing and tells everyone when it’s time to eat! Get the audience involved as they try to solve the case while enjoying a great meal. Then watch the fun begin! The cast size can range from 8 to 20 (12 additional parts for the ‘little ones’ who each have one liners near the end of the play.

Synopsis It is said, one of the pivotal accounts during the “Last Supper” was when Jesus announced that one of his disciples would be responsible for his death. We know the betrayer was Judas, a disciple who had loved and followed Christ for three long years, but why him? Judas was a faithful apostle like the others, no more, no less…. What went wrong? To examine this closely, philosophically, we’re going to take the story apart… bit by bit and bring it back to life…. So come with me as “The Keep” takes us through time, both backwards and forwards to…”The Last Super!”