Who Took The Body Of Jesus (Play)

This is a cool detective type story that is told from the “rock’s” point of view. This part should be played by a very talented little one. Stonehenge Grave Tomb “Stony”, who plays the rock that was rolled away, recounts the crazy events that took place when Jesus arose from the grave.

Synopsis Cleo and Cleophas, are siblings who own a broken down, private detective agency. On Sunday, April 23rd, 3 days AD, doubting Thomas hires Cleo and Cleophas, who haven’t had a case in a month of Sundays, to find the missing body of Jesus. As the detectives go about questioning everyone, they not only find out what happen to the body, they find out why He’s missing and why this blessed event will not only change their lives, but the lives of everyone in the world, forever.