Young Rising Star

Loretta Chandler, former co-star on the popular drama TV show “Fame” has a lot to say about singing and acting.

After replacing Janet Jackson in “Fame”, she rose to unforgettable stardom. She says her starring role in the remembered TV show gave her the experience she needed to do other things.

Right now, Chandler is working on her new single, which will be released in July, entitled “True Diva” (a song she wrote). It is about a woman who sticks by her man.
She says, “I relate to this song very well because I consider my self a loyal person. I would not even allow another guy to flirt with me if I am dating someone else.”

Chandler says that the writers strike has really effected her work, because of the lack of auditions to go to.

But Loretta recently starred in a play with Todd Bridges, entitled “Out Of The Frying Pan,” which was at the Ensemble Theater in LA about a month ago. Chandler says she had a lot of fun working with Todd and the other wonderful actors.

While attending Colorado State University, Loretta organized and directed the university’s first Gospel Choir and made such an impact as a directress that the choir was added to the Colorado State University’s curriculum.

After organizing the choir and later coming to LA to attend the California Institute of the Arts (CAL Arts) Loretta started a choir there too.

Chandler, who started performing as a youngster in her father’s church describes herself as a very religious person and feels that youngsters entering the entertainment business should persevere and hold on with faith and ambition. She also feels it’s important to keep high self-esteem because in the entertainment field there will be a lot of disappointments and you need to be strong within yourself to succeed.

In my opinion, Loretta Chandler who was very pleasurable is well on her way to winning not only a Grammy for “True Diva” but also several Emmys and Oscars.